September 28, 2019

Roses and Sedums--Is This Goodbye?

Lately, I just can’t get over how beautiful my roses and sedums look out front. It seems the cooler weather brings out more vivid coloring in the roses, and the sedum (variety ‘Autumn Joy’) is just doing its awesome thing where it starts out a dusty pink then gradually keeps getting darker and darker pink/coral/rusty red as the temperatures drop.


I have been trying for several weeks now to catch a picture of the way my miniature rose echoes the colors of the sedum behind it in my front corner bed, but somehow the camera isn’t picking up what my eye can see. Lack of skill on my part, I’m certain.

After a rainy, windy day today, the temperatures are supposed to drop down into the 30’s here in the next couple of days. After taking some pictures of them in their flowerbeds yesterday, I cut all the roses and rosebuds I could find and brought them into the house to enjoy in an arrangement. I can see it from where I’m sitting right now, and it is making me so happy!

If the frost isn’t as deep as expected, they may last outside another week or two, but remember we had snow last year in the first week of November. 

So even with a possible reprieve this weekend, the end is near.

What will you miss most from your gardens this winter?

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