October 5, 2019

Where Do I Go From Here?

We have gotten several nights of frost, as the weatherman predicted. My field flowers are all done, and just a few in my flowerbeds that are extra tough are still hanging on. So, you may be wondering—what happens now? Am I all done until next spring?

Well, no. In addition to the usual fall and winter farming activities: planting shrubs, perennials, and bulbs (fall); and planning for next year, along with seed-starting later (winter), I still have a few plans up my sleeve for flowers throughout the winter.

I have made some planters this week for one of my regular clients—indoor, houseplant-type planters, like this one: 

I will order amaryllis bulbs and pot them up to bloom inside when it’s icy outside, like these:

I also have plans to order more paperwhite daffodils which are dead easy to grow from bulbs, sitting on your windowsill. I will put them into gift kits, complete with bulbs, container, rocks, and instructions, which will go on sale around Thanksgiving.

They’re so tall!

Then, as well, I still have my little booth over at the Morgan Mercantile, which you can see in some of these photos, in which I also selling unique and interesting vases and pitchers (some vintage, some just pretty), framed flower quotations, and handmade wreaths.

In addition, I will still be taking special orders for arrangements, for which I will purchase flowers as necessary. As I continue to hone in on the direction I want to take this business, that will be reflected (I am sure) in the list of fall/winter offerings. As for now, that’s the plan. Always something to be working on, which is just how I like it!

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