January 15, 2021

Integration: 2 Blogs Become One


After some consideration, I've decided to move all the blog posts that used to be part of my Bluebird Flower Farm business webpage, over to here.  I shut down that one with the move, at the same time as I closed my business. I am still unsure of what the future holds for me, business-wise, and I didn't want to continue paying for the webpage and blog while I figured it out.

Despite that, there are some things that I still want to reference, moving forward.

For those of you who were unaware of my business, this may give you some insight into what took me away from this blog for so long! So, if you see posts popping up where no posts have been before, that's why. Take a look! You may enjoy seeing my flowers. :) I miss them, so this will be good for me too.

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