November 4, 2016

Garden Put to Bed (Last of the Fall Chores)

If this year's weather follows the same pattern as the last several years, we will get our first snowfall in the next couple of weeks.
For the first time, though, we are ready now!

Just today we had a sunny day (finally!) with weather up in the 60's.
Perfect to get those last few chores taken care of.

Here's what I've checked off in the last few weeks:

1. Dig out all the rest of the carrots.

There was one patch left behind the oregano. I was surprised by how many carrots were in there!

2. Fix the crowding issues in the front bottom terrace.

One reason I planted irises between these young shrubs, was that I knew they would be easy to move as the shrubs grew to fill in the space.

After 2 years, it was time to give the shrubs a little more elbow room!


Both of my English laurel bushes looked like this: irises crowding in on every side.

Above and below: The boxwoods needed a bit more room, as well.


After digging up and transplanting the irises these bushes finally have a little breathing room!

I  may regret not taking out that whole clump.
I just broke off the ones going into the bush.

Aah, better. Much better.

These should be all set for another couple of years now.

3. Empty out the rest of the flowerpots and store in shed.


4. Put the last of the hoses away.


5. Empty out compost tumblers onto garden.

I did not do this one last year, and wished I had.
The compost was too dry in the tumblers to break down all the way, so in spring when I needed them for all the spring cleanup, there was still half-finished compost filling them up.
So today we emptied them into a wheelbarrow and dumped all the partially finished compost onto the garden, where the winter weather will break it down the rest of the way (I hope!)
Then--bonus!--in the spring, it will be right where it's needed, ready for tilling.

6. Refill bird feeders.

DONE (for now)!

It feels good to get the last little chores done.
Are you ready for winter, or do you still have a few things to take care of?

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