December 5, 2016

Maybe Santa Should Bring Me Some Fake Houseplants

....because this is just pathetic!

This poor little cyclamen is barely holding on--and this was after a much belated drink.
For some reason, I have a hard time getting onto any kind of good watering schedule for these poor plants. So instead they just die right in front of me. 

I am currently down to 3 houseplants: 2 cyclamen and 1 orchid.
As you can see, it may become fewer than that rather soon.
Some of the others I had grew some kind of mold or fungus on the soil that I couldn't get rid of.
I have no idea where it came from or what I should have done to get rid of it.
(It couldn't have been from overwatering. Trust me on this.)
So they got tossed.

Maybe I should get another philodendron.
They seem to weather my brand of neglect fairly well.
On the other hand, fake plants just need a dust rag twice a year.'s tempting, I tell you.
Very tempting.

Do you keep houseplants happy and thriving?
Tell me all your secrets!
(Does it involve watering once a week? Oh, the pain!)


  1. My secret is that I only grow houseplants that can take a lot of abuse and neglect like cacti and succulents. Okay, there are a few others but they usually perish due to lack of water. Watering once a week? Who can remember that? Bromeliads are fairly tough.

    1. Oh, I should get a succulent. Yes. I think I could manage to keep one of those alive! Perhaps. Best not get too confident yet. :)