April 14, 2018

Spring Blooms and Deer Problems

Well, until today I had several groups of tulips growing out front.
They have all been munched back to the ground. Grrr!
Deer are the flower nemesis around here.

I chopped up cloves of garlic and put a juicy bit in the leaves of each tulip--or at least what remained of the leaves. I guess now I'll find out if they manage to grow back.

Look how pretty these tulip leaves are/were?
Edged in pink. I've never seen that before.
If they make it through this season I will be digging them up to grow undercover next year.
It looks like a deer fence will have to be in our future.
Can't fence the front beds, though.

These daffodils are blooming now, along with several others in front.
At least the deer haven't eaten them yet.

Meanwhile, I have several patches of violas that have been cheering me up for a couple of months.
I was so surprised to see that they survived the winter, but I'm not complaining!

The bulbs coming up in the background there are alliums.
Also seem to be deer-proof. Must be the onion smell/taste.

Violas are some of my favorites!

Back in Washington we had to worry about rabbits eating our stuff, but that was about it.

Give me all your tips for keeping the deer away!
Or what to plant that they don't like.

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