September 1, 2017

End of August Views

Welcome to my garden!
I am in Utah, USA, zone 5b.

A hearty thank you to Helen over at The Patient Gardener, who was our End-of-Month-View hostess for so long.

Here we are at the end of August already!
We have now lived here nearly 3 months, and while we have made progress in some areas, there hasn't been much in the way of flower planting yet.
I am still working on getting future flowerbeds marked out.

Let's start out front, shall we?

This picture is notable for the green lawn, which means that we FINALLY got our outside water hooked up! I can hardly believe the lawn has come back the way it has.
It was so dead, it crunched when you walked on it.
Now it needs a mowing.
Neglected corner #1.
Those are Asiatic daylilies in the tub.
An actual established planting area, but it definitely needs some attention.

Lilac in the foreground right side, rose bed in the middle.

Aspen in the back.
After 2 weeks of daily sprinkler water, it seems this back grass is truly beyond hope.

On the other side of the house in back: another neglected corner.
I'm planning to claim this one for flowers!

Right across from it, we have this little corner o' weeds, bordering the vegetable garden.
Yes, plans are afoot for this space as well.

View towards the back field, which is still all dead crispy grass and dirt, at the moment.
Oh, and some weeds.
That white structure is my son's soccer goal.
At least this area is being used for something right now!
We plan to add a sprinkler system and grass, all the way to the back fence.
We would also like to plant a couple of oak trees back there.

Moving into the vegetable garden now:

2 very small ripe tomatoes.
Only the 2nd and 3rd we've gotten this year. 

The bigger pumpkin plant, of the 2.
Alas, the pumpkin on it is still just the size of an orange. 

Look at this, though!
The plant sticking up behind is not a weed, but a sunflower.
The entire bed was planted to sunflowers in June, but the pumpkins were planted in their place when it became apparent that none were coming up.
Well, what do you know? 
We will have a sunflower at some point....unless frost kills it before it blooms.
(Not to be pessimistic or anything, but from what I hear we have less than a month left to first frost.)

The smaller of the pumpkin plant, with a few cheerful flowers.
As it is very unlikely they will produce actual pumpkins this year, I am just enjoying their beauty.

End of the garden, looking toward the orchard.
A view of a few tantalizing projects in progress.
More to come on those soon!

We may actually get a few peaches this year.
They're small, but look like they may be almost ripe.

End of the orchard, with half a compost bin built.
Also, a dead tree sticking up in the middle.

Weeds, I mean wildflowers in the back ditch.
Hey, I'm taking flowers wherever I can find them this year!

I still enjoy the views of the cornfield and the mountains out back.
The corn is a couple of feet taller than me!

As you can see, we still have quite a long ways to go here.
We love the big space and have plenty of ideas to fill it up.
Stay tuned!

Steve over at Glebe House Garden is our new host for End-of-Month-Views. 
Head over there to see more gardens!


  1. You certainly have a lot of opportunities and a lot of work to achieve them. the photo above "Aspen in the back." looks as if there might have been a path under the grass or maybe builders rubble as the dry line is so well marked out.

    1. The previous owners had dogs, but I don't know if that would be the cause of it or not. Thanks for visiting!