October 6, 2017

Orchard Update

Despite a lack of readily available water, our little orchard has grown this summer.

Starting up front, this is our sweet cherry tree.

Not sure which variety it is: it's either a combination of up to 4 varieties, or it's a Rainier.
(One of the cherry trees was dead when we arrived.)
Since this one didn't have a partner to pollinate it, we didn't get any fruit from it this year.
However, the pie cherry tree newly planted up front will cross-pollinate it next year, so I've got hopes for a great harvest!
That is, if the main branches don't break off.
There's a split in the trunk right where the branches start to come off.
I'm not sure what to do about it.

Moving back, we've got 2 apple trees.

As you can see, we finally got this one pulled upright and staked.
I didn't get a picture of the other, for some reason.
It is scrawny and the lower branches were all bitten off by deer a couple months back.
We do have the big apple tree in the side yard, though, which produced a handful of apples this year.
So, enough for cross-pollinating, even if the one dies.
Let's hope they do some growing next year!

The next 2 down are peach trees.

This one by the fence had all the fruit on it this year.
I was surprised to get any fruit, to be honest.
They both responded very well to the regular watering we gave them starting in June and made noticeable growth.
As you can see, this one needed staking as well.

Getting ripe!

The non-fruitful peach tree.
Not sure why this one didn't have any fruit on it this year.
I still need to get this one staked.
You can't tell from this picture, but it is leaning quite badly to one side.

Last row back are the plum trees.
At least, I think they're both plums.

This one is a plum tree for sure, since we harvested some from it!

I have since pruned off all the water sprouts from the base of both trees.
They look much better.

This tree is also in dire need of staking to help it grow upright.
Why are they all so crooked?
It's a mystery.

Here's some of our harvest this year:

This was pretty much all the plums we got--marble-sized, but tasty.
The peaches were plum-sized, but just delectable--sweet and juicy.

More peaches.
(A shiny countertop makes it hard to take good pictures!)

We counted our peaches--the grand total was 62.
Many more than I expected from what I saw growing on the tree!

Maybe next year we'll have enough to can some from our own tree!
These were just enough to eat fresh every so often.

Upcoming orchard projects:

Finish staking the last 2 trees.
Put in plants around the base of the trees--right now I'm thinking herbs--and grass? for pathways between them.
Figure out what to do with the split cherry tree trunk.


  1. We had peach trees at our old house. Fresh peaches are so yummy! Hope you enjoy yours.

    1. Thanks, Rebecca! I'm happy to have these trees. It's the first time we've had fruit trees that actually produced anything.

  2. Peaches are my favourite kind of fruits and this article gives me great confidence to grow my own tree and have freshly picked peaches from there. Everyone should have fruit trees, theyre fun and useful.

    1. Great! If you have a plant nursery near where you live, talk to them about what types of fruit trees will grow in your area. They usually have good advice. :)