May 24, 2016

Blooming Irises

This one's for you, Mom! :)

Not quite peak bloom with the irises out front, but getting close.

Love the pink peony in the background, too.

This little blue iris on the left-hand side is so beautiful!
There are a few in each section and they're just now starting to bloom.
I may have to do another post once all the blue irises have bloomed!

Closeup on this peony 'Paula Fay.'
She's a beauty, but doesn't smell very good.
Just FYI.

Speaking of scent, right now you can smell the irises as you get out of the car.
Can't get enough!

By the way, this is almost exactly where we were at the very end of May last year, so we're still running a good 2 weeks ahead of last year.


  1. Your Iris are beautiful and the fact that they have a perfume is a wonderful bonus!