May 31, 2016

May End-of-Month Views

Hello, and welcome to my garden!
I live in Eastern Washington state, USA, zone 5b.

This time around I've decided to take a few steps back for my "views," and do more general overviews of the beds.

So, here we go!

Starting out front, next to the porch, here is the porch bed:

Bleeding hearts are done now, and the oakleaf hydrangea hasn't started blooming yet, but it's close.

Okay, I can't resist a few close-ups.
I really like the various colors/sizes of leaves here, and that pop of pink from the heuchera.

Also--bright photo--but the spirea is blooming!

Moving down some, to the end of the driveway, you can see my 3 front terraces in all their glory:

This strip of sod in front is new--so we're still in the stage of watering it once a day.

I'm excited that my "William Shakespeare' English rose (right in front here) is filling in so well!
It has reached the top of the wall!

I absolutely love these sky-blue irises.
Interestingly enough, they have a slightly different scent than the purple.
Sometimes, I go out and just smell the irises for several minutes!

Okay, moving on up and around to the east-side terrace:

The 'Rose Queen' salvia blooming already.
It's kind of a thug, but a pretty one--and it's easy to pull out where you don't want it.

My salvia here is badly crowded by the sorbaria, but I love the color combination so much that I'm hesitant to move it.
The orange in the background is a columbine (a pass-along). There's also nepeta (catmint)--the billowing purple--oh, and some wild daisies.

Ninebark's blooming now.

My 3 little butterfly bushes have tiny blooms on them--hard to see here.

Now we're in the back yard.
Here's what my vegetable garden looks like at the moment:

Mostly doing fine.
My spinach get some kind of disease, so I just pulled it all up yesterday.

We've been harvesting lots of butter lettuce (the package spilled when my son was planting it!)

A few more to go!

The shed bed:

The irises are holding this bed together right now!
I need to fill in a few spots where the flowers died over the winter.

The pretty little geum isn't too shabby, either.


These bushes are loaded this year!
The berries are just now forming, so I'm hoping we'll be able to start harvesting them in the next few weeks.

Finally, last but not least, my back flowerbed:

The poppies are the real stars right now.
In this picture they look orange, but in person they're a lovely peachy pink, with deep purple middles.

My mockorange is just starting to open up some blooms.

The penstemon is covered in colorful blossoms right now, and my 'Abraham Darby' English rose has just finished one round of blooming, with several more buds almost ready to open.

Hope you've enjoyed your tour today!
Thanks for visiting!

I'm linking up with Helen at The Patient Gardener.
Head over there to see some more beautiful flowers.
Then go outside and sniff your irises for awhile, if you've got 'em!
Iris season comes but once a year!


  1. That tuft in front of the terracing really finishes the area off Linnae. I like what you've achieved there. You've lots of different blooms right now. Iris now quite ready to bloom here but I'll follow your advice as and when they do. Enjoy your week.

    1. I agree, Angie! Once we got the sod in it just felt finished. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Thank you for posting your long views, I have a much better impression of your garden now. Love your iris, they are really beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Pauline! The irises make me happy every time I see them. :)