June 3, 2016

Almost the End of Vegetable Planting

We got a few more vegetables in over Memorial Day weekend.

On the end of the middle terrace, I planted 2 hills of 'Diva' cucumbers (seedlings) and 1 hill of Straight-Neck Yellow Squash (from seed.)

We tucked in 2 red pepper plants between my oldest son's garden and my daughter's:
'Red Beauty' (68 days to harvest) and 'Red Bell' (70 days to harvest).

My spinach all had some kind of disease, plus some were already starting to bolt, so I ended up pulling almost all of them out.
Disappointing showing, really. We haven't even had any to bring in.
The kids still have a bit in their gardens, though, so there may be hope for a small spinach harvest this year.

In the place of the spinach, I planted 4 Jalapeno pepper plants.

Finally, up top behind the flowering thyme, I put in 3 rosemary plants 'Arp', which are supposed to be hardy down to 0 degrees F. (I'll believe that when I see it--I've never had any survive a winter yet!)

Close by I planted 3 Pineapple Sage plants, just for fun.
Their leaves really do smell like pineapples--apparently both the leaves and flowers are edible.
I'll have to find some way to use it in cooking this summer!
Ooh, or maybe I could make pineapple lemonade...
Yes, that sounds yummy!

Garden overview.

I'll have a little bit more room on the tippy top, to the left of the thyme, once we get the sumac planted that are patiently waiting up there, still in their pots.

I haven't decided what to put in that last space.
Corn? Pumpkins? Beans?
More flowers? (hee hee)
We shall see.

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