June 30, 2016

June EOMV: Days of Peas and Raspberries

I garden in Eastern Washington state, USA.

So, it looks like I have pretty much all the same things blooming as I did 2 weeks ago for June Bloom Day. That's one thing about these summer perennials--they tend to stick around longer!

So, once again I tried for more overview photos, with maybe a closeup here and there.

We must start in the vegetable garden.
After some heat waves, that led to 2+ weeks of cool weather, we're back to getting the summer sun!
The tomatoes have really taken off, and the potatoes seem to grow visibly every time I water them.

Here's the whole vegetable garden, plus the cutting garden. :) 
I did have to replant my cucumbers.
I think there were too many colder nights in early June (no frost, but high 30's F), and I did not cover them as I should have.

The potatoes are on the top terrace, there, looking fantastic!

Fresh garden peas are one of life's great delights.
Also, that was the best-looking lettuce out there, growing in my youngest son's patch.
It was delicious for lunch. :)

Moving right along, we have the shade bed, behind the shed:

Then on the other side, we have this little flowerbed:

 Don't look too closely at the hanging basket--I'm having a devil of a time keeping it watered!

Cheerful coreopsis in bloom.

Then around the corner, to the raspberry patch along the fence:

We have raspberries!
The kids go out and forage several times a day!

I beat them to it this morning. :)

These are the new black raspberries planted last fall.
They are all looking very healthy.
I have high hopes for next summer.

My back flowerbed, next to the house, is a bit sparse at the moment:

We got all of the spring bulb foliage cleared out and now there's several quite large bare spots, as you can see. I'm still thinking about what to plunk in there.

At least I've got some lilies blooming back there.
This one is 'Hall's Pink.'

Moving around front now, the front porch bed:

I noticed recently that there's a white and green theme going on here, unplanned.

This oakleaf hydrangea is one of my favorite shrubs.
It has really put on a lot of growth this year.

The front terraced beds look much the same as they did 2 weeks ago, except I've had a few more Asiatic daylilies open up.

This is the view of the middle terrace from above.
I love it!

Just a quick note on this abundant catmint:
it started out in my garden as a pass-along, spent an entire winter uncovered in its 8-inch pot, and finally got planted in the ground the following spring when I noticed a few new leaves sprouting.
Just look at it now!
 It's enormous!
It is always covered with bees, wasps, flies, and butterflies.

Head on over to Helen's blog at The Patient Gardener, for some more beautiful gardens!

Thanks for the visit, and come again soon!


  1. This is really amazing thanks for posting this. Raspberries are my favorite.

    1. I agree--raspberries are the best! Thanks for stopping by!