October 20, 2016

Look to the Skies

Or in other words, more clouds!

Hey, I've been saving up--but they can't wait forever!
Mostly cumulous this time around.
Those puffy white clouds get me every time.

The first picture also serves to illustrate the topography of my town.
This is not the top of my hill, but one of many in town.
Everywhere you live is on a hill, if you live here.

Nice combination of stratus and cumulous in this shot.
(Did you like how I threw in 2 cloud names there? I'm practicing...)

These next two were from our Labor Day hike.

Cloud shadows on the wheat fields.
Fall is golden around here.

And...what was making those cloud shadows.
Yes, I had my husband pull over so I could take this picture.
Yes, he was rolling his eyes.
Ha! It's all good.

There have also been some stunning sunsets in the past few months.
I only managed to snap pictures of a few of them.

We even had some gorgeous sunsets on our trip to Utah.
I only got the one picture, but almost every night there was beauty.

Sunset behind the mountains--be still my heart.
This was another side of the road shot, though it was a city road not country in this case.
I got some weird looks and honks.
Hey, you do what you have to do when there's a pretty sky out there.

Fall colors...with clouds.

My daughter took this picture.
She told me the other day that she wants to start studying clouds and rain.
YES! Bringing the next generation on board...
Really, though--how cool is this cloud for her first picture?
Somewhat tornado shaped (no, it wasn't rotating), with a horizontal rainbow right through the middle of it.
Kudos, girl!

Maybe if she starts taking some cloud pictures, we'll get something other than cumulus and sunsets around here!

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