October 15, 2016

October Bloom Day

Hello friends!
Welcome once again to my Eastern Washington state (USA) garden.

Well, we finally had a hard frost this past week, so a good number of the blooms that were left are now residing in a jar on my counter.

Since then it has been raining almost every day.
Par for the course around here--fall and spring are just rainy, rainy, rainy.
I'm ready for some sunshine!

I love how the foliage really comes forward in the fall. The various shades of green, orange, red, and even the brown of dying plants, create such a beautiful tapestry of color.

Out front:

If you look closely, I've got a couple of roses blooming, and a section of mums there on the right.
The dark green in front are English laurel bushes--I love the contrast they provide with the lighter shades of the bearded iris and bellflower foliage surrounding them.

Front, far corner:

On this side, I do have a few guillardias blooming, and the catmint is still going strong despite the frost. The brilliant red on the bottom left is my neighbor's strawberry patch.

Back flowerbed:

Ninebark changing to golden yellow, and the sedum along the back have changed from light pink to this dusty coral color.

Still a bloom here and there from my 'Abraham Darby' rose, with more sedum in back and peony foliage in front.

The vegetable garden:

As I mentioned, most of the white cosmos you see here, and the orange snapdragons there in the front on the bottom have all been cut for my frost bouquet.

I'm starting to get the rest cleared out, but compost bins and trash can were full, so I've got to wait until next week after trash is taken.
(Note to self: Must find bigger space for compost!)

Now for a closeup of the top left corner of the garden:

Love seeing all those colors in one area!

What else is on the slope?
Hmmm... there are ALWAYS aspens.

Weedy aspens on the slope--hey, at they turn least pretty colors in the fall!

Finally, the shade bed and back apple tree are putting on a show this year, as well!
Red-twig dogwood there in front.

I love this time of year!
I hope the rain doesn't make all the leaves fall too fast!
I want to just savor it all as long as I can.

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